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Orpen, Sir William, 1878-1931
[Illustrated letter from William Orpen to Mrs St George with a sketch of the artist in a bar in Cany]
Handwritten letter, on Hotel Du Commerce headed paper, which Orpen sent to Mrs St George while on holiday with his family in Cany, France. He writes that he is back in his 'old home', referring to the comfort of drinking in a bar. This is illustrated in a sketch of the artist sitting at a table holding a glass. The letter is continued on the reverse where he writes of not being able to find a hotel clean enough for the children.
Graves Collection of William Orpen Letters
21st July 1909
27.5 x 21 cm.
Ink on paper
Presented by Mrs Vivien Graves to the National Gallery of Ireland in 1974.
By appointment only
Private Collection
Illustrated letter
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