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Croker, Thomas Crofton, 1798-1854
[Album page featuring handwritten notes by Thomas Crofton Croker referring to Eyre Evans Crowe, Terence Farrell and the final hours of Thomas Foster's life, with Foster's portrait price list and a letter from Eyre Evans Crowe to Crofton Croker attached]
In his handwritten notes, Crofton Croker refers to Eyre Evans Crowe's literary achievements before providing a detailed account of Foster's last known movements. He mentions Dick's Coffee House, the Salopian Coffee House and Palianno's Coffee Room and records Foster's retirement in the evening to Webbs Hotel in Piccadilly.
Crofton Croker Album
37.1 x 26.8 cm.
Ink on paper
Purchased by National Gallery of Ireland from a private collector in London in 2003.
By appointment only
National Gallery of Ireland
Album page
Pricelist by Thomas Foster for his portraits
Letter from Eyre Evans Crowe to Thomas Crofton Croker inviting him to visit