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Sharpe, Louisa, bap. 1798-1843
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Sharpe, Louisa, bap. 1798-1843
Louisa Sharpe was baptised 21 August 1798 in Birmingham. Her father William Sharpe, 1749-1824, had married Susanna (whose last name was possibly Fairhead) and had worked as an engraver. He had taught all of his four daughters how to engrave, encouraging them to travel to German and French galleries. In 1816 the family moved to London where Louisa, along with her sisters Charlotte and Eliza exhibited miniature portraits at the Royal Academy. Between the years 1817 and 1829, Louisa represented a total of 29 works at the RA. On 9 February 1829, Louisa was elected a member of the Old Watercolour Society. She exhibited more than 39 times at the Liverpool Academy, between the years 1829-42. Her works were developed from themes derived from contemporary literature, including the works of Thomas Moore, Lord Byron, Sir Walter Scott and Sir Richard Steele. Between the years 1829 and 1839, Sharpe was employed to illustrate literature, including engravings for contemporary annuals, such as "Heath's Gallery of British Engravings", 1836 and 1838. In 1834, having lived with her sisters, Sharpe married Dr. Woldemar Seyffarth (who in 1851 and 1862, was commissioner from the king of Saxony to the London International Exhibitions). Together, they had two children, one of which, Agnes Seyffarth (fl. 1850-1859) became a painter. Louisa died, 28 January 1843 in Dresden.