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Orpen, Sir William, 1878-1931
[Illustrated letter from William Orpen to Gardenia St George with a sketches of the artist and Gardenia]
Handwritten letter on 8, South Bolton Gardens headed paper. This is the only letter in the collection specifically addressed to Gardenia. Included is a self-portrait of the artist and a sketch similar to the oil painting 'Gardenia St George' (1909). The letter is signed 'Woppy'.
Graves Collection of William Orpen Letters
25.1 x 20.2 cm.
Ink on paper
Presented by Mrs Vivien Graves to the National Gallery of Ireland in 1974.
Orpen painted four portraits of Gardenia St George between 1907 and 1910, all at Screebe Lodge, Co. Galway.
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Illustrated letter
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Sir William Orpen