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Webb, J.B., fl.1826-1827
[Letter from J.B. Webb to Thomas Crofton Croker regarding Webb's recent correspondence with the Earl of Rosse in relation to the identity of Thomas Foster's executors and his certainty that Crofton Croker possesses this information, with a rough reply from Crofton Croker on the second page]
Handwritten two-page letter in which J.B. Webb states that he has been in contact with the Earl of Rosse, who has assured him that he is not Thomas Foster's executor. He goes on to state his certainty that Crofton Croker knows the identity of the executors and that he will take further steps is Crofton Croker is not willing to impart the information. In his rough reply, dated 26th March 1827, Crofton Croker repeats that he does not know the identity of the executors.
Crofton Croker Album
24th March 1827
25.0 x 19.9 cm.
Ink on paper
Purchased by National Gallery of Ireland from a private collector in London in 2003.
By appointment only
National Gallery of Ireland
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