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West, Robert Lucius, c.1774-1850
[Letter from Robert Lucius West to Thomas Crofton Croker thanking him for his detailed account of Thomas Foster's death, mentioning the Royal Hibernian Academy's admiration for Foster and discussing the purchase of works by Foster]
Four-page handwritten letter from R.L. West to Thomas Crofton Croker in which West thanks Crofton Croker for the detailed account of Foster's last days that he had sent. West remarks on Foster's reputation among the members of the Royal Hibernian Academy and discusses the sale of some of Foster's artworks. He expresses personal interest in a group portrait of artists on which Foster had been working and a sketch of Foster by John Comerford.
Crofton Croker Album
12th April 1826
22.8 x 18.6 cm.
Ink on paper
Purchased by National Gallery of Ireland from a private collector in London in 2003.
By appointment only
National Gallery of Ireland
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